In Memory

Laurie Stowers (Stevens)

I just wanted to pay tribute to my twin sister Laurie Stowers (Stevens) during this time of getting together and remembering all of the good times we had in high school. I can’t help but think about her and how much she would enjoy seeing everyone again. I am sure that she would have been the “life of the party” with her quick wit and keen sense of humor. She very much loved all of her high school friends and kept a close relationship with most of you. When she died on October 26, 2005, I lost a part of me that I can never replace. I can only hope to carry on her legacy and love for Abilene and all of the friends she made there, both past and present. We have lost too many of our classmates over the years, but let’s remember all of them when we get together this year. Those years in high school gave me some of the greatest experiences of my live, and I am sure that Laurie would feel the same way.

All of you have been such a tremendous influence on our lives. I wish I had enough time and space to name all of you and talk about the effects that you have on us. Maybe I will retire one day and have time to write a book about the greatest class to come out of Abilene Cooper! I hope to see all of you at the reunion. – Larry Stowers