In Memory

Jack Mildren

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07/23/08 01:24 PM #1    

Sherie Dennison

Jack...What happened?

I'm so sorry. You were a special guy and always remember you and your kindness.

You are in my prayers always. And, in a much better place. May God Bless your Soul.



03/16/09 02:27 PM #2    

Claudia Van Cleave (Savio (1967))

If you look on website on the memobralia on the left hand side, there are two pages of a newspaper article on Jack.

Jack died of stomach cancer in 2008. What a loss and what a life.

03/02/11 11:01 PM #3    

Larry Dobbs

Jack was a friend to me and to everybody he knew. There was no ego in control there. He was a real person, the real deal.  I played football with the team for a short time in the spring and summer of 1968 before the big year. I met him basically when he attended our church sometimes with Randy Allen. The few times I met him at church or sunday school class he remembered my name or when I saw him at school or at practice. I was one grade back so how does that work?  I guess maybe because we had the same first name "Larry" I don't know.  I remember a play we were practicing in football one day and my job was to rush the QB; so I did; with everything my 163 lbs and 5'8" of body could munster. Jack was dropping back to pass; I hit him at full speed and he barely moved? I slid down and contined to sack this guy after which he hopped a little bit with his one leg lifted in my grip, then said "Dobbs - plays over!" I've never forgotten that moment and how'd he remember my name? The last time I saw Jack was at Texas Tech where I went to college. It was the all american game week and I think it was in about 1972 or 73 just after Oklahoma had won the national championship or gotten second or something? I know Lynn Swan, Jim Plunkett and Mean Joe Green were there. Anyway I got to say hello to him and away he went to play the big game. That was the last time I saw him except for television.  Jack Mildred was special and I'm a richer man today for having known him. What a prince of a man! God Bless You Jack, You are deeply missed! Rest in peace.  

04/08/11 10:34 PM #4    

E. C. (Ed) Minshew

Like he was to Larry, he was the same to me.  We played summer baseball, usually on opposite teams, and were very competitive with each other.  One of the weirdest things about Jack was he had balance like no one I had ever known.  We were on opposite championship summer league teams, playing the final game of the season.  I had hit a double and no way I was going to steal third with him behind the plate as catcher.  One of my team mates hit another double behind me allowing me to head for home.  Here comes the ball and gets there just a split second before I was ready to slide.  Instead of hitting the dirt, I decided to ram Jack.  I lowered my head and shoulders for the impact knowing he out weighed me by 40lbs, but what the heck, I was fast and had momentum on my side, right?  He hammered me so hard I didn't come within three feet of the plate.  After the play was over he helped me up, looked me in the eye and said 'man, are you OK?'  I don't remember what I said, I don't really remember finishing the game, but it impressed my teammates so much the next player behind me, who by the way got caught in the exact same situation, decided to do something a little different.  He hurtled over Jack who had gone down for the hit.  I don't remember Jack ever, ever being so surprised by anything in his life.  That jump won the game.  That hit Jack gave me rung my bell for an hour but cost them the game  in the end.  After the game was over, he was one of the first to congratulate us on a great playoff game.  The man was not only a great competitor and friend, he was more humble than anyone ever knew.

God be with you my friend and rest in peace! 

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